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Next shows:

'Fall Tour' w/ FIRE AT WILL
02.11.16 Nantes, FRANCE
01.11.16 Le Cateau, FRANCE
31.10.16 Namur, BELGIUM
30.10.16 BOOK US!
29.10.16 Karlsruhe, GERMANY
28.10.16 Karlovy, REP TCHEQ
27.10.16 Prague, REP TCHEQ
26.10.16 Budejovice, REP TCHEQ
25.10.16 Lviv, UKRAINE
24.10.16 BOOK US!
23.10.16 BOOK US!
22.10.16 Mantova, ITALIA
21.10.16 Turin, ITALIA
20.10.16 Antibes, FRANCE

24.09.16 Paris @ Gibus
23.09.16 Bordeaux @ Le Void
17.09.16 Lyon @ Warmaudio
16.09.16 Montpellier @ Secret Place
10.09.16 Bilbao @ La Kelo Gaztetxea
09.09.16 Angoulême @ Le Mars

Euro Tour w/ WHO I AM
16.07.16 Tachov @ Garaz Trojka
15.07.16 Teplice @ Okodom
14.07.16 Chemnitz @ Subway to Peter
13.07.16 Berlin @ Scherer 8
12.07.16 Lille @ El Diablo
09.07.16 Angoulême @ Le Mars

09.04.16 Angoulême @ La neff (The Day of Hardcore)
05.03.16 Lyon @ Trokson
04.03.16 Dijon @ Les Tanneries
03.03.16 Nancy @ La Machine à Vapeur
13.02.16 La Boissière-du-Doré @ La Brégeonnière
12.02.16 Bressuire @ Salle Emeraude
06.11.15 Guigamp @ Le Galopin *Ailuropoda Fest
27.06.15 Tours @ La Belle Rouge *Riiip fest
01.05.15 Vallet @ Le Champilambart *Unity Hardcore Fest
05.04.15 Rennes @ Le Mondo Bizarro *Minibowl of Hardcore
07.02.15 Tours @ Le Temps Machine
10.01.15 Angers @ T'es Rock Coco
22.11.14 Orléans @ Le 108

Winter Tour 2K14 w/ GET THE SHOT
14.10.14 Nantes @ La Scène Michelet
13.10.15 Toulouse@ Le Saint de Seins
12.10.15 Barcelone @ Casal de Joves de Roquetes
11.10.15 Marseille @ Le Local
10.10.15 Lyon @ Warmaudio

26.09.15 Rouen @ Le 3 Pièces
01.08.14 Albi @ Xtrem fest
12.06.14 Tours @ La Belle Rouge

'THE LION' EU Spring Tour
30.04.14 Paris @ Mécanique ondulatoire
01.05.14 Nancy @ Le caveau du grand sauvoy
02.05.14 Siegen @ Vortex Musikclub
03.05.14 Trzebiel @ TTSK / Off Club
04.05.14 Wielun @ Crash Bar
05.05.14 Cracow @ Pub Grodzka 42
06.05.14 Lodz @ Granda
07.05.14 Potsdam @ Black Fleck
08.05.14 Leipzig @ Kulturcafé Manfred
09.05.14 Tubingen @ Lu 15
10.05.14 Roeselare @ De Mooie Molen
11.05.14 Le Cateau-Cambrésis @ Le Saint-Matthieu

05.04.14 Angers @ Café Latin
04.04.14 Nantes w/ The Setup, Tromatized youth @ Le Floride
01.03.14 Nevers w/ Shall remain @ Le Courrier
28.02.14 Angoulème w/ Offense, Spread the fury @ Le Karma
15.02.14 Le Havre w/ Tromatized youth @ Le Fort de tourneville
14.02.14 Saint-Brieuc w/ Heart in blood @ Tilbury's pub
18.01.14 Marseille w/ Aléa jacta est, Fat society @ Le Molotov
17.01.14 Clermont-ferrand w/ Aléa jacta est @ Raymond bar

10.11.13 Bressuire w/ Bunkum, War machine @ Salle Emeraude
09.11.13 La Teste-de-Buch w/ Aléa jacta est @ Salle Pierre Cravey
08.11.13 Perpignan w/ Virasay, Light inside @ L'Ubu bar
26.10.13 Hazebrouck w/ Fake off, Miles to go @ Shaka Laka
25.10.13 Boulogne/mer w/ Howards, My devotion @ L'Horloge
07.09.13 Pouzauges w/ New fury, crossface, move on @ Trail'R'Jam
06.09.13 Laval w/ Rhabas, Pïece of map @ Queen's bar
01.09.13 Tours w/ New fury @ Canadian café
21.07.12 Bordeaux w/ Death before dishonnor @ Bootleg
13.07.12 Toulouse w/ Mostomalta, Noifeast, This Life @ La Dynamo
04.05.12 Orléans w/ Daily thundering concept, Hyena @ La Haute croix
03.05.12 Tours Release party w/ Get the shot @ Canadian café


released May 1, 2013


New Ep "THE LION" out in May 2013
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Useless Pride Records

Promo by Useless Pride

Music & Lyrics by Real Deal © 2010 - 2013

"The Lion" was recorded between February & April 2013.
Drums session in "La Gare aux Musiques" , Louviers, France.
Guitars, Bass and Vocals session in "Le Label Bleu" Tours, France

Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Sébastien Langle, April 2013



all rights reserved


REAL DEAL Tours, France

Real Deal has been created in 2011 in Tours city. Led by the former singer of Nine Eleven (City of Quartz) the band released their first Ep titled "THE LION" on USELESS PRIDE RECORDS. New album called 'Rotten Mood' Is out in September 2016, on UPR. Check it out. Fans of Backtrack, Down To Nothing, 50 Lions, Real Talk,..... ... more

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Track Name: Straight To The Goal

You need to go straight to the goal, no time for all those things I wanna do.
I don’t want one LONG LIFE OF TRAGEDIES.
Too short, you’d better hurry up bro, run, it’s a fucking race.
This is the only thing we can do, trust me and leave your brain outside
‘cause it’s a REAL DEAL, motherfucker, you know what’s the cost, it’s our grief, it’s our life.
Track Name: Only Master Of My Life

It’s my life and I can’t do nothing ‘bout it. I don’t care what people think. It’s my way of life. Fuck the 9/5, after testing dreams, with eyes wide open, there won’t be no turning back. Live by myself, it’s what I tend to do. Never be in debt, I’m proud of it, are you ?
I’m the only master of my life, are you ? All the decisions I make, right or wrong, helps me to grow.
I prefer to leave and not (to) lose my time standing still.
Are you coming ? I’m the only master of my life, are you ?
Track Name: Breakable

Listen ! We’re at the end and I won’t turn back..
All my gifts, my words, nothing changes.
there’s no regrets, we lived what we had to
I can’t hold us anymore, all that shit for you. Know what ? Forget my love. Whatever happens, there will always be problems
You’re wrong, I’m not, no efforts are made. I’m wrong, you’re not, all is crappy
I can’t hold us anymore, all that shit for you. Know what ? Forget my trust. Whatever happens, there’ll always be problems.
I’m breaking up with you. All those sleepless nights makes me fucking sick.
I need to taste a new life because it’s done between you and me.
You make me fucking sick, I need to feel truly alive.
Cause’ it’s dead between you & me.
Track Name: Out Of My Way
/// OUT OF MY WAY ///

Keeping your head up, this is our reality
Crying together as brothers, united for better or worse
None of us let go
Our hands are wide open, ready to crush the world
All cowards will die me and my buddies we’ll break you off
That's who we are, mother fucker
Cause we want always more, fucking more
Just get out of my face, out of my way.
You’re not my bro., not my friend.
Your mouth is wide open, ready to eat a brick through your teeth
You should see all the crap you say, you bother me, get the hell out, asshole.
That's who we are, mother fucker
Cause we want always more, fucking more
Just get out of my face, out of my way.
You’re not my bro, not my friend.
You’re not from my family, not my fucking friend.
You sell your soul once more, as if it did not matter
I stay proud, can you?
Look at you now, you are alone.
Track Name: Fucking' Live

Fucking live, live my dreams here fucking live
It’s where I move on to, beam me out!
Handle life living comfortable illusions behind
I now offer this trip to myself, off the beaten tracks
I’m becoming what I should have been
Question yourself on what’s left without answers
I run away from pictured ideas
No room for glory and success, only for passion
For those who agree with this, I salute you.
Track Name: The Lion
/// THE LION ///

You know nothing about me
but you think you can judge
But I don't care what you're thinking.
It doesn't matter, I'm unbreakable.
Life is hard enough, I've come back from hell,
but you don't know me, cause I'm unbreakable.
Today I take control,
You can't laugh at my face anymore.
I refuse to kneel,
"Born this way _ Die this way"
It's not my way of seeing things:
It's sink or swim down here.
I agree to destroy all those things I hate in you.
You can't kill The Lion.